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University of Phoenix and Join Forces to Accelerate Degree Programs and Reduce Tuition
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University of Phoenix and Join Forces to Accelerate Degree Programs and Reduce Tuition

By Exec Edge Editorial Staff

Business Wire reported on June 30, 2021, that at least 750 recent graduates of University of Phoenix participated in a program with that allowed them to graduate faster and save money on tuition. The University and recently joined forces to make this option available to students. University of Phoenix graduates used the College Accelerator solution to achieve these goals.

University of Phoenix and Share Similar Priorities

Chris Mancini, chief growth officer at, stated recently that both organizations share a commitment to offering students an efficient, affordable path to complete a degree program. University of Phoenix and also offer resources to students to help them maintain focus as they complete their education and pursue new career goals. Mancini felt excited for the recent graduates and pleased to have played a role in getting them to graduation day sooner while saving them a significant amount of time and money.

How Works

The partnership enables students to complete some of their course requirements on the platform and transfer them to University of Phoenix toward their degree program. offers 220 college-level courses for credit. Approximately 50 of those courses are upper-division level, and 170 are lower-division level. Students can transfer a maximum of 87 credits to an associate or bachelor’s degree program to lower the cost of completing a degree.

Like University of Phoenix, provides a flexible learning experience for adult learners. Students complete micro-video lessons at their own pace to accelerate the completion of degree requirements. Courses available in the College Accelerator program meet the same academic standards as traditional post-secondary institutions. The National College Credit Recommendation Service and the American Council on Education have reviewed every course and assigned the appropriate number of credits to each one.

John Woods, provost at University of Phoenix, shared his appreciation for helping adult learners meet their education and career goals more efficiently. He commented that most of the University’s students are working adults who also have family responsibilities. They are always looking for ways to save time and money when earning credentials to help further their careers. Woods stated that the on-demand platform provided by helps students reduce classroom time and tuition expenses.

University of Phoenix Student Thomas Shelton Describes the Benefits He Received From

Thomas Shelton completed a Bachelor of Science in Management at University of Phoenix while continuing to work full time for Comcast Corporation. When considering enrollment, he selected University of Phoenix because it allowed him to complete one course at a time and had a solid reputation for its online degree programs.

Shelton learned about the College Accelerator option when he met with his academic advisor shortly after starting online courses with University of Phoenix. He followed up on the suggestion to investigate the platform and found it simple to use. With help from, Thomas Shelton completed approximately 30 credits that he transferred to his degree program at the University.

As a recent University of Phoenix graduate, Shelton felt that using helped to keep him motivated to fast track his education with its user-friendly platform. He stated that the ability to apply what he learned through the platform to improve his critical thinking and business leadership skills was an even greater benefit.

About is an online platform that makes higher education more affordable and accessible to everyone. Students study whenever it is convenient for them and can take quizzes to test their knowledge. More than 30 million people use the platform, each month, to complete college courses for credit, receive study help and prepare for tests.

Students complete a personalized curriculum according to their own schedule using the learning style that feels most comfortable for them. The platform is technologically advanced and offers competency-based learning while employing artificial intelligence to adapt to each student’s pace and learning style. students can access the platform at home or while on the go using their tablet or smartphone. partners with top instructors who have several years of experience in their specialty to create course material for its platform. Students can ask questions and receive expert help nearly any time of the day. The platform also offers one-on-one coaching for students who prefer extra support and motivation.

Like University of Phoenix, came about in response to the inflexible traditional learning system that left working adults with few options to complete a degree. The company also wanted to provide a solution for the rising cost of higher education.

About University of Phoenix

The University’s partnership with is just one of several ways it works to make higher education more accessible and affordable for working adults. Another way is through its fixed tuition program. Students pay the same per-credit cost every year, regardless of how long it takes them to complete their degree. With higher education costs increasing by an average of 2.6 percent each year, paying one flat rate can save students a considerable amount of money.

Current students and graduates of University of Phoenix often cite the ability to complete one course at a time as an ideal way for them to manage a degree program and a full-time job simultaneously. Each course in a degree program structured in this manner runs for six weeks and offers an accelerated format. Not having to divide their attention between two or more courses, employment and family all at once makes it easier for students to manage their time.

Yet another way that University of Phoenix stands out is with online degree programs that start each month. Students have the opportunity to build strong relationships with their cohorts who began their degree at the same time since that group remains together from start to finish. Monthly starting dates also accelerate the time it takes to complete a degree since students do not have to wait several months until the start of a new school year or semester.

University of Phoenix has served the educational needs of working adults for more than 40 years and was an early adopter of the online learning method. University of Phoenix is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission ( Students can explore University of Phoenix degree program and certificate options by following these steps on its Program Finder page:

  • Enter current zip code
  • Choose a high-level program option such as business, criminal justice or education
  • Select the desired certificate or degree program
  • Fine tune the selection from high-level program options to follow a specific career path within that discipline
  • Request information from the University or complete an online application

University of Phoenix offers more than 100 online programs that can help prepare students for over 300 careers. Once students enroll, they have immediate access to an academic advisor to help them form the best path toward completing their degree program. Perhaps the biggest advantage for working adult students is that they can log on to view and complete coursework at a time that fits their busy schedule.



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