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Qualtrics Using AI to Give Real-time Analytics – Futurum Group
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Qualtrics Using AI to Give Real-time Analytics – Futurum Group

By Tech Edge Editorial

Qualtrics, an experience manager provider, said it is offering automated summaries for video feedback, in-depth interviews and focus groups.

“The latest Qualtrics announcement is focused on supporting companies in streamlining the often-laborious processes entailed with collecting and analyzing qualitative feedback,” Futurum Group Analyst Sherril Hanson wrote in a note to clients. “The solutions use generative AI, real-time analytics, and predictive insights.”

The new video feedback option can capture six times more content than open-ended text responses and allows for a deeper understanding, since facial expressions can be seen and tone of voice can be heard. This data can be combined with other qualitative and quantitative information on the Qualtrics platform for market trends and potential behavior changes.

Read the full report from The Futurum Group.


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