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Gameto Study Shows Improved Fertility Treatment Experience
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Gameto Study Shows Improved Fertility Treatment Experience

By Daniella Parra

Gameto, a biotech firm focused on women’s healthcare, shared a study examining the impact of minimal controlled ovarian stimulation on egg retrieval experiences.

The analysis involved 110 patients with minimal stimulation cycles followed by OSC-IVM, 48 patients with conventional stimulation cycles, and 13 patients who underwent both cycles.

The company said the majority of patients expressed a preference for the minimal stimulation OSC-IVM approach.

“This study is significant because female patients’ pain, morbidity, and inconvenience are frequently minimized and neglected in the healthcare setting, and often more so for women pursuing fertility treatments and egg or embryo freezing,” said CEO Dina Radenkovic. “We are encouraged by these and previously published efficacy data which demonstrate that combining minimal hormonal stimulation with our investigational in vitro maturation solution may help women navigating fertility treatments avoid many of the common side effects associated with the conventional IVF hormone protocol.”


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