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RingCentral Unleashes AI-Powered Customer Engagement for All
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RingCentral Unleashes AI-Powered Customer Engagement for All

The leading provider of AI-powered enterprise communications software is unlocking the true value of contact centers with the GA release of RingCX

By Exec Edge Editorial Staff

RingCentral, the trailblazer in AI-powered global enterprise cloud communications, has opened the doors to every business looking to revolutionize customer engagement with the launch of RingCX. This AI-first contact center solution redefines the value proposition of contact centers by seamlessly integrating the power of AI into every aspect of customer interactions.

RingCentral’s (NYSE: RNG) journey to this moment has been marked by a successful controlled availability phase, where approximately 50 customers selected RingCX – including a Fortune 500 company with over 1,000 seats – validating the market’s growing appetite for AI-driven contact center solutions.

Unlocking the Value of AI-Centric Customer Engagement

RingCX’s exceptional value proposition lies in its AI-first approach. Designed to assist customers and contact center employees before, during, and after interactions, RingCX fosters a culture of continuous improvement. Real-time guidance for agents, automated scoring, and monitoring for supervisors – these are the pillars of the RingCX experience, all delivered with the power of AI.

With rich omnichannel integration, RingCX seamlessly combines voice, video, and digital channels. It empowers agents to engage with customers through their preferred channels while providing a complete context of the customer journey and interaction history.

But it’s not just about cutting-edge technology. RingCX brings disruption to the world of contact centers with its packaging and pricing.

RingCentral is packaging all-inclusive inbound and outbound minutes together with complete omnichannel, voice and video plus AI first benefits for a flat fee starting at $65 per seat per month. Unlike competing solutions, which have add-on cost for inbound and outbound minutes and fees for multiple channels, RingCentral pricing and package is disruptive in the industry and generates cost savings and budget predictability for organizations.

Yet simplicity of use is where RingCX really shines. It offers all the capabilities businesses need without the expensive frills of traditional contact centers, in one unified, user-friendly interface. What’s more: Its intuitive setup allows businesses to start using RingCX in a matter of days, without the need for professional services support.

“What amazes me is how intuitive RingCX is. It provides all digital channels in a single pane of glass and at the same time improving our agents’ effectiveness,” said Jaimie Bell, VP of Client Solutions, Office Gurus. “Now that we have this intelligent, omnichannel capability with RingCX, we can tell clients that we’re going to provide them with more services, tailored to their businesses, and at a fraction of the costs they’d be paying with another enterprise contact center solution. Delivering that great news is one of my favorite parts of this job.”

Complementing Complex Needs with AI-First Functionality

While RingCX caters to a broader audience looking for a versatile and AI-driven contact center solution, it complements RingCentral Contact Center™, which targets more complex use cases and larger deployments.

RingCX’s AI-first functionality empowers businesses to embrace AI at their own pace. RingSense AI, embedded in the platform, offers insights before customer interactions, real-time AI summaries during interactions, and post-call transcriptions, action items, and summaries for after interactions.

With an open ecosystem, RingCX facilitates workflows by eliminating data silos. Partner integrations include Salesforce, Zendesk, Google DialogFlow, Yellow.ai, Cognigy, Balto, and Calabrio.

Addressing the Needs of Resource-Constrained Organizations

RingCX is ideally positioned to meet the needs of resource-constrained organizations that seek to enhance their customer interaction capabilities. As Sheila McGee-Smith, President and Principal Analyst of McGee-Smith Analytics, noted, “With a robust feature set, predictable, easily understood pricing, and a simple deployment model, RingCX is well positioned to address the needs of this underserved segment of the market.”

RingCX is now available in the US, Canada, and the UK, with France and Germany coming at the end of the month. RingCentral remains committed to continually enriching RingCX by adding new features to assist organizations in their flexible transition to an AI-first contact center.

For businesses seeking to unlock the true value of contact centers, explore the transformative capabilities of RingCX through https://www.ringcentral.com/ringcx.html.

In a rapidly evolving customer engagement landscape, RingCX emerges as a driver of innovation, democratizing access to AI-powered contact center solutions. With its AI-first approach, transparent pricing, user-friendly interface, and rapid deployment, RingCX unlocks the value of customer engagement, making it accessible and transformative for businesses of all sizes.




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