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Sparrow Pharmaceuticals Begins Phase 2 Study for ACS Treatment
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Sparrow Pharmaceuticals Begins Phase 2 Study for ACS Treatment

By Daniella Parra

Sparrow Pharmaceuticals said it initiated a Phase 2 ACSpire study for SPI-62, a potent HSD-1 inhibitor, targeting autonomous cortisol secretion (ACS).

ACS results from excessive cortisol production due to benign adrenal tumors and can lead to severe health issues. The company said that the study assesses SPI-62’s impact on ACS-related conditions, enrolling participants in the US and soon in Europe with specific criteria.

“ACS is a dangerous condition with high morbidity and risk of death, with patients often having unexplained metabolic disease, cardiovascular disease, or osteopenia, and experiencing a 35% higher rate of mortality over a five-year span,” Chief Medical Officer Frank Czerwiec said. “SPI-62 could represent the first treatment to be approved for this large yet underappreciated and underserved patient population.”


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