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TechMet Reports Closing of $200 Million Equity Raise
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TechMet Reports Closing of $200 Million Equity Raise

By Daniella Parra

TechMet said it closed its latest $200 million equity fundraising round and is set to exceed a billion-dollar valuation in the next few months.

The global critical minerals investment company said the funds will help develop and enhance projects focused on production, refining and recycling, all of which facilitate the shift towards clean energy.

TechMet has directed over $180 million into essential mineral initiatives across the globe, it said.

“We are grateful that we have such a strong shareholder base, and the US Government’s direct backing, as we deliver on our mission to build environmentally responsible supply chains for the metals needed for the clean energy revolution,” said TechMet Founder, Chairman and CEO, Brian Menell.


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