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Activision Blizzard Executive VP Frances Townsend Transitions to Advisory Role
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Activision Blizzard Executive VP Frances Townsend Transitions to Advisory Role


By Fran Townsend

Throughout my time as EVP of Corporate Affairs, Chief Compliance Officer, and Corporate Secretary of Activision Blizzard, Inc., I had the distinct opportunity to help drive meaningful changes at the company in pursuit of a more inclusive workplace. As a Company, we remain dedicated to continually fostering a culture of accountability and integrity, a commitment I remain passionate about in my new role, as Senior Counsel to Bobby Kotick and the Board of Directors of Activision Blizzard. I have the utmost confidence that Jen Brewer and Luci Altman will also continue to work arduously toward this goal, as they forge paths of success in their respective careers in a field still largely led by men.

I met Jen during my first week at Activision Blizzard and was immediately drawn to her disposition, as a shrewd thinker and agile doer. She led the formation of the Way to Play Heroes program, a leading-edge best compliance practice where employees are able to speak with specially trained colleagues about concerns. The program, still growing today, provides each member of the Activision Blizzard team with agency to voice their opinions in a safe environment, while also providing leadership with the insights needed to combat harassment, discrimination, and retaliation. I look forward to seeing the results of Jen’s innovative approach within a larger capacity as she brings her personal philosophy and work ethic to the role of Senior Vice President of Ethics and Compliance.

Luci and I, too, have worked hand-in-hand since the earliest days of my tenure with Activision Blizzard. She took on the responsibility of streamlining our governance procedures to ensure a more disciplined record-keeping process. Luci has made significant progress across the enterprise, and I have no doubt that she will continue to do so as our new Corporate Secretary.

On a personal note, I take immense pride in the many extraordinarily talented and hardworking individuals with whom I’ve enjoyed working and collaborating. Creating an environment where diversity could become hard-wired in the DNA of Activision Blizzard has been of the utmost importance to me, and it is a pleasure to support the valued and respected women helping to lead Activision Blizzard through each of its inflection points.

I thank Bobby and the Board for continually placing their trust in me. I look forward to driving important initiatives in my new position.



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