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Now Reading: CEO Strives to Remove Bias in AI and Improve Gender Equity While on Path to Accelerate Global Innovation
Full Article 3 minutes read CEO Strives to Remove Bias in AI and Improve Gender Equity While on Path to Accelerate Global Innovation’s CEO, Daniela Braga advocates for leveraging technology to address the challenges businesses and governments face globally at annual Davos meeting and a recent panel at the World Government Summit

By Exec Edge Editorial Staff

Earlier this week,, the leading provider of data, models and tools for Artificial Intelligence, announced that the company’s CEO, Dr. Daniela Braga, would be attending this year’s annual Davos meeting with the World Economic Forum.

Under this year’s theme of History at a Turning Point: Government Policies and Business Strategies, Braga will meet with thought leaders across the public and private sectors on the most important issues facing our world, for the first time in-person since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Braga’s goal is to address governance’s reluctance to embrace digital transformation, while also emphasizing her personal mission to increase gender diversity in STEM industries.

The annual Davos meeting offers the opportunity for thought leaders across public and private organizations to discuss the most important issues in global and economic affairs. With invitees including global leaders from business, media and civil society, Davos will have over 400 sessions for participants to share their thoughts and expertise to outline key plans across industries for the upcoming year.

Before this year’s meeting in Davos, was named a World Economic Forum Tech Pioneer for the company’s work in developing AI infrastructure that creates high-quality training data to build bias-free AI models that empower businesses to reach their goals. Dr. Braga’s standing as an adviser to governments on both sides of the Atlantic has made her a reputable resource for businesses and organizations alike to understand the importance of implementing responsible technology.

In a recent panel discussion at the World Government Summit, Dr. Braga, called for government bodies around the world to embrace the use of technological tools. The session, titled “Transforming Governance for Disruption,” and was aimed at sharing best practices for governments facing challenges across environmental, geopolitical, and social fronts.

Dr. Braga’s role on the White House’s National Artificial Intelligence Research Resource Task Force led her to speak on how technology companies can help governments embrace digital transformation, such as shortening response times to citizens during critical periods, as in pandemics or natural disasters. Some of these key points included the need to invest in AI literacy to accelerate this change and how governments in Europe and North America are beginning to address digital transformation. Ethical AI, built on a foundation of trustworthy and unbiased data, is one of key differentiating pillars for the company and its founder, Dr. Daniela Braga.

“It’s an honor to be invited by the World Economic Forum to attend this year’s meeting in Davos. It’s great validation of the work is doing to remove bias in AI,” said Dr. Braga. “I’m looking forward to connecting with the brightest leaders around the world and building relationships that will help impact greater mutual change across the private and public sectors.”


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