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G-P Announces $300 Million Annual Recurring Revenue
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G-P Announces $300 Million Annual Recurring Revenue

By Exec Edge Editorial Staff

G-P (Globalization Partners) said it hit $300 million in annual recurring revenue, a record, on significant organic growth and customer demand.

The HR and compliance firm was named an Employer of Record (EOR) industry leader by research firms NelsonHall and Everest Group and delivered 59 percent year-over-year customer growth, it said.

Companies including Zoom, TaylorMade and SonicWall trust G-P to help them expand into new markets and hire talent in countries around the world, G-P said.

“G-P’s strong organic growth over the last 12 months is a clear indicator that business leaders recognize G-P as the best partner to help them expand into new markets and build global teams quickly, compliantly and easily,” said Vernon Irvin, chief revenue officer, G-P. “We’re the only EOR provider with more than 10 years of experience and it shows in our technology, customer satisfaction and growth. We expect increased demand in 2023 as more companies embrace global, remote work.”

The company is well positioned to support growth with more than $300 million cash and equivalent on its balance sheet, it added.




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