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Qualtrics’ New Healthcare Solution to Improve Patience Experience
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Qualtrics’ New Healthcare Solution to Improve Patience Experience

By Tech Edge Editorial

Qualtrics’ “Complaints and Grievances” solution for the healthcare industry will help improve the patient experience, which can be deeply personal, frightening and fraught with layers of process and paperwork, according to The Futurum Group.

The solution consolidates case management and communication tools into one system, automating workflows and speeding up the multi-stage review process, track cases, and manage caseloads, the company said.

Qualtrics is partnering with Stanford Health Care to develop the product.

“Complaint and grievance management is not about a score or a ranking; it’s about understanding what matters to our patients and providing our teams with the tools and insights to improve care,” Stanford Health Care’s VP and chief patient experience officer, Alpa Vyas said.

Read the full article from The Futurum Group.


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