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Tock Launches Multi-Experience Tables to Enhance Restaurant Offerings
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Tock Launches Multi-Experience Tables to Enhance Restaurant Offerings

By Karen E. Roman

Tock, a Squarespace, Inc. company (NYSE: SQSP), said its new service can help restaurants drive profitability while offering unique experiences to diners.

Multi-Experience Tables allow restaurants to offer customers distinctive experiences at the same table, the company said in a statement. It is also allowing restaurants to diversify their marketing strategy while utilizing the same space in multiple ways.

“With Multi-Experience Tables, restaurants now have even more ways to experiment with what appeals most to their guests,” said Matthew Tucker, senior VP and Head of Tock. “This is something our partners have been asking for and we are proud to be the first to bring this to the industry.”

There is growing consumer demand for customizable and more individualized experiences at restaurants such as personalized wine tastings, creative and sensorial menus, or a special cooking class with a top chef, the company said.

Multi-Experience Tables enable restaurants to monetize existing space by selling a variety of options to different customers and securing occupation of every square foot, providing continuous traffic and revenue, Tock said.

Examples of restaurants benefiting from Tock’s Multi-Experience Tables include Ella Elli in Chicago and Charles Krug Winery in California, whom have grown their brand awareness and reach beyond the regular reservation with the incorporation of Tock’s experiential offerings.


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