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Gryphon’s Self-Mining Hashing Power Reaches Record in Feb
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Gryphon’s Self-Mining Hashing Power Reaches Record in Feb

By Karen Roman

Gryphon Digital Mining, Inc. (Nasdaq: GRYP), a sustainable bitcoin miner, announced its average self-mining hashing power rose to an all-time high of 911 PH/s in February 2024, increasing 5% monthly with the operation of newer generation S19k Pros.

Gryphon earned approximately 52 bitcoin coins while reaching a total attributable hashing power of approximately 1.3 EH/s, it said. Monthly performance converted into a bitcoin efficiency rating of 57 BTC/EH, it said.

Additionally, the average joules per terahash of Gryphon’s deployed fleet of miners was 28.9 J/T, improving from the 29.5 J/T average of February 2023, the company stated. Since the start of its operations in September 2021, Gryphon has regularly placed among the top three of the publicly available bitcoin efficiency scores, it said.

“February was a strong month for Gryphon as we achieved all-time highs in our self-mining hashing power while earning bitcoin valued at $2.6 million based on an average BTC price of $49,875 during the month,” said Rob Chang, the company’s CEO. “With Bitcoin prices now over $60,000 in March, we look forward to enhanced returns as we continue working on our market-leading bitcoin efficiency.”



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