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Hear from TRAY CEO Peter Kellis, Chief Revenue Officer Brian Whitney, Live at ICR Conference 2024
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Hear from TRAY CEO Peter Kellis, Chief Revenue Officer Brian Whitney, Live at ICR Conference 2024

Exec Edge hosted a fireside chat at the 2024 ICR Conference with TRAY’s CEO and Founder Peter Kellis and its Chief Revenue Officer Brian Whitney. The in-person interview was joined by Editor-at-Large Jarrett Banks and they discussed the company’s expansion plans and how it is breaking the old model of hardware and software in the restaurant tech space, TRAY’s more than 2,000 locations and hundreds of millions of transactions successfully delivered, how the company builds innovative and distinctive solutions from the ground which address the core challenges restaurants face, and more. Watch the full recording below:

About Peter Kellis

Peter Kellis is the Founder & CEO of TRAY and is responsible for leading the company and product vision. He holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT where he graduated with a perfect GPA. Peter worked as a Software Engineer, Design Engineer and Architect at Enterprise companies such as EMC, RSA Security and VERITAS before joining the Product team at Google.

About Brian Whitney

Brian Whitney is an experienced sales leader with over 25 years in point-of-sale. He started as a much younger man, with a full head of hair, as a support technician and worked his way into a sales career. Across his many years he’s worked with restaurant operators, cinemas, sports teams, food service management companies, airlines, airports, retailers and other companies. These relationships have been spread around the world, covering six continents and over 30 different countries.

Mr. Whitney is based in Atlanta, GA where he lives with his wife and daughter and their two dogs. Mr. Whitney has a BA from The University of Alabama.

About TRAY

TRAY is a leading provider of cloud-native enterprise-class POS systems for the hospitality industry. The company’s mission is to empower businesses to operate more efficiently, increase revenue, and provide a better experience for their customers. TRAY’s advanced POS system is used by hospitality businesses of all sizes, including restaurants, bars, and family entertainment centers.




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