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Sparrow Pharmaceuticals Announces Cushing’s Syndrome Treatment Results
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Sparrow Pharmaceuticals Announces Cushing’s Syndrome Treatment Results

By Daniella Parra

Sparrow Pharmaceuticals said its HSD-1 inhibitor, clofutriben (SPI-62), normalized urine free cortisol in over 60% of patients with endogenous Cushing’s syndrome without significantly lowering serum cortisol, minimizing the risk of adrenal insufficiency.

Traditional EnCS treatments require careful balancing to avoid cortisol excess or deficiency, the company said. The new data suggest clofutriben may provide effective treatment without this balance, showing efficacy without dose titration and a low risk of AI, they said.

“The Sparrow team looks forward to learning if these promising interim results hold for the larger number of patients in the now fully enrolled clinical trial in endogenous Cushing’s syndrome,” Sparrow’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Frank S. Czerwiec said. “In anticipation, our team is planning for the initiation of a Phase 3 trial in 2025.”



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