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MOBILion Shows Off MOBIE System at ASMS 2024
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MOBILion Shows Off MOBIE System at ASMS 2024

By Karen Roman

MOBILion Systems announced it is presenting the latest features of its mass spectrometry platform, MOBIE EyeOn 2.3, at the 72nd American Society for Mass Spectrometry (ASMS) Conference in California.

The latest software introduces new capabilities and streamlines workflows for enhanced analytical insights across applications like drug development, clinical diagnostics, metabolic research and environmental science, it stated.

MOBILion said customers at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Merck & Co., Inc. and Genentech will present how they are using MOBIE to improve their forensic PFAS analysis, cyclic peptide lability and pharmaceutical enantiomeric compounds, respectively.

“At ASMS, we are showcasing how MOBILion continues to revolutionize separation science into a user-friendly, robust platform enabling significant discoveries,” said Melissa Sherman, Ph.D., MOBILion’s CEO. “Our continued investment in the MOBIE platform is broadening our core applications and the value we deliver.”


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