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The Billion Dollar Flip: Investor Isidoro Quiroga Makes Deals that Have the Business World Talking
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The Billion Dollar Flip: Investor Isidoro Quiroga Makes Deals that Have the Business World Talking

Isidoro Quiroga is an international investor well-known in the business community for his managerial skills and keen eye for opportunity. Founder and majority shareholder of Asesorías e Inversiones Benjamín S.A., Quiroga has made some of the most lucrative investments of the past decade.

He continued his record of success in 2021 when he sold California-based Enphase Energy (ENPH) for $819 million just three years after acquiring the company for just $20 million.

Enphase Energy designs and manufactures home energy solutions. Quiroga recognized early on that the company had a superior product, which would buoy it against competitors in the short term. Quiroga’s leadership ushered in a phase of hyper-growth that saw the share price rise from ~$6.00 per share to over $200.

It was Quiroga’s managerial acumen that transitioned Enphase Energy from an innovative tech firm to an international powerhouse. He expanded Enphase into new markets where energy storage was in high demand, and he used its cash position wisely to make timely acquisitions and buybacks.

Enphase Energy wasn’t Quiroga’s only near-billion dollar success story. In 2007, he acquired 100% of the Chilean salmon producer Australis Seafoods and took the company public in the Santiago Stock Exchange. Over the next decade, he turned the small business into an international seafood exporting company. In 2017, he sold the company to the Chinese company Joyvio for $880 million.

Quiroga proved his skill as one of the world’s top financial and managerial minds by changing the core of Australis Seafoods to fit the demands of international markets. He then guided the company to commercial success in a few short years amongst much larger and more established international competitors.

Perhaps most impressive was how Quiroga sold Australis Seafoods during a year when the salmon industry was struck by the Infectious Salmon Anemia virus, which killed much of the stock. Quiroga navigated the crisis successfully and led the Chilean salmon market, posting record profits (returns of over 50%) at a time when less responsive competitors were facing bankruptcy.

Now, Quiroga is looking ahead to his next acquisition and potential billion-dollar flip. He plans to continue investing in new technologies after his success with Enphase Energy and is said to be considering moves in Silicon Valley. Investors would be wise to pay close attention to Quiroga’s business movements. His investments have shown to predict hyper-growth backed by sound financials even during times of crisis.


About Isidoro Quiroga

Isidoro Quiroga is a Chilean CEO, entrepreneur, and investor. He began his business career in the 1970s after graduating as a commercial engineer from the University of Chile. Soon after, he met his first great commercial success by introducing the kiwi fruit to Chile.

Since the 1980s, he has invested in and managed companies in the mining, agriculture, and energy sectors. He was on the board of the Chilean chemical company Soquimich (SQM) from 1996-2002 and was director of the Pilmaiquén Electric Company from 1995-2008. He was the controller of Australis Seafoods from 2007-2017.

Quiroga is recognized as one of the world’s top investors and business leaders. Unafraid of borders, he has invested in businesses in South America, North America, Europe, and Australia.

About Asesorías e Inversiones Benjamín S.A.

Asesorías e Inversiones Benjamín S.A. is a family-run holdings group based in Santiago, Chile. It was founded by CEO Isidoro Quiroga, who works closely with his children. It is the parent company of Quiroga Holdings, which invests in companies worldwide in the sectors of mining, agriculture, real estate, energy, and technology.

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