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Author Craig T. Bouchard on His New Book ‘Soul Ties of Spies’
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Author Craig T. Bouchard on His New Book ‘Soul Ties of Spies’

Craig T. Bouchard

By Exec Edge Editorial Staff

Exec Edge caught up with caught up with Craig T. Bouchard to find out about his latest book Soul Ties of Spies.

Exec Edge: As a New York Times Bestselling author, why did you shift from writing about business to creating a dynamic spy novel?

The world is rapidly changing, as we have known it for a century. Business, politics, science, culture, and human developments have mutated into forms we haven’t experienced. So, I am writing about the danger of this.

Exec Edge: What – or who – was your inspiration for Soul Ties of Spies’ female heroine, Natalia Net?

My daughters. As a society, we continue to lack real female heroes in entertainment and in the media. When I watch Netflix or Amazon, let alone Disney, I can’t find modern-day women I want my daughters to emulate. Strong, intelligent, independent, fit, with beautiful minds, and that critical intangible, killer instinct. And yes, what does it mean for a woman to be sexy? (Hard for a dad to say!) It’s a cruel world out there, full of predators. I want bad guys to fear my daughters, not the other way around.

Exec Edge: This is the second time you’ve written a novel with a female heroine. Why do you think it’s important to depict main characters and lead heroes that are female?

Let’s face it. Girls are better than boys, and women are certainly tougher than men. Every young girl needs to know that.

Exec Edge: What is the novel’s most important takeaway of all the themes in Soul Ties of Spies?

Science is advancing at a frightening pace for us all. In the face of this unending uncertainty, commit yourself to study, learn, find your soul tie, love that person unconditionally, and make the world a better place.

Exec Edge: As the writer of “The Adventures of Ai” – one of the world’s most popular children’s book projects of 2014 – can you draw any similarities between writing for young audiences and adults?

The Adventures of Ai became one of the world’s most popular video games on iTunes because it challenged kids, especially girls, never to give up. That theme resonates in every country. Teenagers today are the first generation to grow up from toddlers to adults with smartphones. As a result, Gen Z has a knowledge base of good and bad things greater than most adults my age. Writing to Gen Z is most effective when the author writes to a young adult.

Exec Edge: A central theme in your book is global relations and the relationship between Russia, and the U.S. Do you envision the world working with Russia again, and if so, how?

Most certainly. The world and its politics and economics move in cycles. We are caught in the wrong spot right now. It’s up to the U.S., Russia, China, the E.U., and the U.K. to put in place leaders who break the cycle of divisiveness, economic corruption, and nationalism. We need politicians working to make the world healthy again. Ecolution Power owns patents in the U.S., China, and Russia, with more on the way. I sincerely hope the day comes soon when we can help all countries become clean and healthier.

Exec Edge: Readers of your book are asking whether the novel is fiction or true. How do you respond to these questions?

  1. Natalia’s Game is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.
  2. Authors write best what they know.

Exec Edge: Outside of being an author, you are an accomplished businessman and the founder of the Ecolution Power Company. What does 2023 look like for the company?

It looks very positive. Our patents allow us to recycle large volumes of clean energy from moving vehicles. Examples include truck trailers, trains, ocean liners, and spaceships. In the end, kinetic energy from moving vehicles will surpass the combination of wind and solar to help the developed world reach net zero carbon before the currently targeted deadlines.

Exec Edge: What should companies like Tesla, Daimler, BMW, Burlington Northern, or Duke Energy learn from Ecolution’s scientific discovery and subsequent patents?

First, we are small, and each company you mention is a world-class leader. So, let’s keep that in mind. Our engineering studies show that we may extend the range of the new Tesla truck by 75 miles by utilizing our technology in a trailer being pulled by the truck, while lowering the volume of costly batteries installed in the truck. Of course, this would apply to any brand of a large electric truck.

Perhaps more importantly, a one-hundred-car freight train traveling 2300 miles from our west coast to Chicago may be able to recycle 100 megawatt hours of electricity along the way.

If our engineering holds, we may have a “TESLA” style freight train for the first time—a remarkable possibility.


About Craig T. Bouchard 

Craig T. Bouchard is a successful entrepreneur, businessman, and writer. In 2009, he co-wrote his first book titled America for Sale. Four years later, Bouchard released The Caterpillar Way: Lessons in Leadership, Growth, and Shareholder Value, quickly reaching #1 on the Barnes and Noble Best Seller List. This New York Times Best-Selling author is the Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of the Ecolution Power Company, Co-Chairman and founder of the Space Railway Corporation. Ecolution has this far earned patents in the U.S., China, Russia, and South Africa, enabling the kinetic energy in moving vehicles to be recycled as clean industrial electricity. Mr. Bouchard has lived in the United States, Hong Kong, and Japan and traveled extensively throughout China, Russia, Ukraine, and Romania.

To purchase Soul Ties of Spies in Europe, please visit Carusel Books, At the Nikitsky Gate,, and many others.



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