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Hear from Steve Schmitchel, Managing Partner of LogicSource Live at ICR Conference 2024
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Hear from Steve Schmitchel, Managing Partner of LogicSource Live at ICR Conference 2024

Exec Edge hosted a fireside chat at the 2024 ICR Conference with Steve Schmitchel, Managing Partner of LogicSource. The in-person interview was joined by Editor-in-Chief John Jannarone and they discussed the considerable savings the company has unlock for firms like Lululemon, Titleist and DSW among others, what companies can do to save on indirect expenditures and increase efficiencies, why this company differentiates itself from consultant firms, how to reduce costs without conducting staff reductions, and more. Watch the full recording below:

About Steve Schmitchel

Mr. Schmitchel is responsible for driving consultative engagements with our clients, determining requirements and designing solutions that leverage LogicSource unique capabilities to most effectively meet client needs.

Mr. Schmitchel brings over 20 years of experience in strategic sourcing, business strategy, and client relationship management. Prior to joining LogicSource, Mr. Schmitchel was Vice President at Topco Indirect Spend where he led strategy and client management for 50+ clients, managing over $1.5B in indirect spend.

Mr. Schmitchel has also held leadership positions within Ahold USA where he helped launch the indirect sourcing department, Shaw’s Supermarkets where he oversaw marketing and advertising, and Accenture where he led corporate strategy projects for clients across diverse industries.

Mr. Schmitchel holds a BS from University of Massachusetts, an MS from Tufts University and an MBA for the University of Chicago Booth Graduate School of Business.

About LogicSource

The innovative leader in procurement services and technology, LogicSource is purpose-built to drive profit improvement, mitigate risk, and ensure supply chain continuity through better buying.

LogicSource focuses exclusively on the sourcing and procurement of indirect goods and services, which typically represent 20% of an organization’s revenue and the area of greatest spending inefficiency. These include complex categories like marketing, packaging, corporate services, facilities, information technology, distribution and logistics, and more, for which organizations often lack the capacity, focus and scale to achieve best-in-class buying.

Unlike traditional advice-based consultants, LogicSource is a purpose-built buying utility with assets that are configurable to their clients’ needs and ready to deploy. By combining decades of sourcing and procurement expertise, superior market intelligence, cross-portfolio spending leverage, and their OneMarket® Source-to-Pay technology, LogicSource executes customized solutions that deliver immediate savings and sustainable value.




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