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Sparrow Pharma Unveils Phase 2 Data on Clofutriben for PMR
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Sparrow Pharma Unveils Phase 2 Data on Clofutriben for PMR

By Daniella Parra

Sparrow Pharmaceuticals shared data on the combination of clofutriben (SPI-62), an HSD-1 inhibitor, and prednisolone for treating polymyalgia rheumatica (PMR).

The company said that HSD-1 inhibition can reduce glucocorticoid side effects while maintaining treatment efficacy and combining prednisolone 10mg with clofutriben 6mg showed less efficacy than prednisolone 10mg alone but improved prednisolone toxicities such as bone health, lipid levels, and insulin resistance.

“These new results suggest that glucocorticoids formed by HSD-1 have a large role in tissues where glucocorticoid excess causes morbidity, and a lesser role in the immune system where glucocorticoid medicines have efficacy,” Dr. Katz, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer at Sparrow said. “We hope future clinical trials will demonstrate that prednisolone combined with clofutriben can be the effective and safe glucocorticoid medicine for which patients have waited over 75 years.”


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